Wanway S20

1. Long standby time, large battery capacity
2. Strong magnetic
3. Multiple Alert Protections
4. Light sensor and disassemble alarm
5. Real-time Tracking
6. Remotely Voice Monitoring

Product Description

GPS Tracker S20 - suitable for car owner and car rental, loan vehicles, fleet management, transport industries. Asset GPS tracker S20 is self-contained battery powered device and can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, placed in a package, or even used to monitor and track valuable assets.

Product Parameters
Paramenter Name Paramenter Value
Device NamePortable GPS Tracker
FeaturesLong Battery Life
Device Dimension80mm(L)*50mm(W)*32mm(H)
Device weight175g
Quad Band850/1900/900/1800MHz
GPS Accuracy<=5m
Back-up Battery6000mAh
Positioning TimeHot Start<2S(Open Sky) | Warm Start<15S | Cold Start<38S(Open Sky)
GPS Sensitivity-144dBm
Tracking Sensitivity-160dBm
Operating Temperature -25℃—80℃
GSM/GPS Antenna Built-in Design
Product Functions
Function Name Function Description
Real-time TrackingUpdate position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking.
Fast PositioningProvide a timely positioning service after installing it.
Trace PlaybackCheck the history trace of your vehicle to help you find useful information.
User Define Geo-fenceUsers can set a range of Geo-fence on map, and it will alarm when the device gets in or out of presetting range via APP or SMS.
Over-speed AlarmWhen your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe.
Light Sensor & Disassemble AlarmSend alarm notification when someone remove the device.
Strong MagneticEasy to install in some metal thing.
Low Power AlarmPower consumption in microampere level
6000mAh Battery6000mAh large battery for 2 years long standby time.
Low Power ConsumptionWhen device is in low power, send message to tell you charge it in time.
Platform/APP/SMS CheckingVarious methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status.