Vehicle Tracker

A vehicle tracker allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s activity & movement status on real time basis. The vehicle trackers use GPS & GSM technology to provide the exact geolocation supplied directly by GPS & GLONASS satellites to receive accurate data on real time basis. What’s great is that vehicle trackers can also store maps and have a great battery life that offer compatibility on longer routes. Whether you use it on your personal or commercial vehicle, the vehicle tracker is the best way to plan road trips while also keeping track of your vehicle under all circumstances offering theft & damage protection.

Rs 1900


GT06F compact vehicle tracker gives you the location of anything, at anytime. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, GTO...



JM01 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a powerful and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for motorcycle, electromobile and ...

Rs 2500


FMB120 small and professional tracker with internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas, which is able to collect device coo...

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Rs 2650


 FMA120 unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software: Device type: Teltonika FMA120. Unique ID: imei. Spec...

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Rs 1900


 Our previous review was on the new line of Teltonika GPS trackers. Some of the partners were intrigued by the models ...

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Rs 1800


TR06 Vehicle Tracker is a product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multip...

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Rs 1700

WeTrack2 (ET200)

WeTrack2 (ET200) GPS vehicle tracker is designed to meet the needs of various peripherals. Its wide voltage range ensure...

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Rs 2600


GT800 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a high-end multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker with solid performance for reasonable price....

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Rs 1550


With finest craftsmanship, GV20 is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for ...

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