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GPSwale is a one-of-a-kind platform setup to cater to the needs of consumers and businesses looking for tracking solutions. The platforms offers a host of tracking solutions to suit the needs of the modern day customer that depends on technology in an intrinsic manner. The need for tracking solutions in our daily lifestyle have a wholesome purpose that revolves around the most important value in today’s time, data.

We, at GPSwale understand the need for us humans to rely on data to take calculated and reliable decisions for which we bring to you the complete range of tracking solutions that include Employee, Personal & Vehicle Trackers.


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Tracking products available at GPSwale cater to host of categories but classifying them is as easy as their user interface.

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Our Features

Our cautiously designed solutions are created with the sole purpose of providing the right information to the right people at the right time.


We comprehend that you don’t want to squander even a single second and want to take decisions on the go. For experienced players like you, we have developed Mobile App besides the conventional Web UI. All smart phone users (Android, IOS and Windows) can download our App for free and resume work anytime from anywhere.


We provide user-friendly and user-specific interfaces for all the three layers of long haul business i.e. Consignor, Consignee and Forwarder – a complete and comprehensive package customized for you. Thus, everyone in the chain can reap the benefits of our solution.


All the fleet vehicles are monitored 24/7 and hence the trips made by them and their status is updated automatically. Unlike other fleet solutions which require manual updations (ex. closing of the trip), our solution relieves the user from all such inconveniences by auto updating the system.


Time is the essence in today’s fast paced world. Hence, we do not want our clients to burn-up their time learning or juggling with the new data input methods. Hence, we support multiple forms of data input like excel application and manual web form entries. With ERP integration, faster data transfer is possible even for critical short-haul fleets with multiple origins and destinations.


User-specific reports prevent a user to sift through loads of data before landing on to the relevant information. So, our solution imparts a wide range of compliance and conformity reports segmented into Plant, State and Corporate logistics to assist you in managing your part in the chain.


With a team that is analytically driven, analysis of expected events is something we enjoy involving ourselves in. Increasing the efficiency of corporate logistics requires studying the evolving trends that help take important strategic decisions by the senior management. With a wide range of ‘compliance’ and ‘conformity’ reports you will quickly be able to monitor and correct any bottle-necks that may exist in the process.

Our product

While finding a GPS device is not that hard, our range of products promise maximum features & reliability

at unmatched prices. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself .